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10:01 A.M. : Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022

It's weird to be here again, not that I've plans to really come back here and share my life again. But I've been reading some entries and didn't like what I read.

The last entry I left here was so filled with anger, I'm even ashamed to read it. It wasn't anger, it was huge dissapointment. And it still is, after all those years. It's about a diary I used to follow and with who I got into a discussion. I still miss her as a friend. Yes Stephanie, it's about you.

Being here also makes me sad because a big part of the diary was about my love life. The love life with the one I met on Diaryland. I just never told you I met him here and who he was. I even don't remember why. A few members put all the links together but almost nobody knew.

It doesn't matter anymore because it's the one thing I want to forget in my life and that's why I never came back here. It wasn't a happy life, I became someone who wasn't the real me. I always kept my mouth shut because I was always scared that he would leave. And when I finally opened my mouth, he left.

After the break up, I was alone for 10 years. 10 years, that's a huge part of a life.

And now it's 2022 and life is different.

I'm married.
In love with someone who really loves me back.
Life is easy.
The days are filled with joy.
Our life is good.
I've a cat :)
I've a house.
I've traveled the world.
I'm in love with Paris and visit it as much as I can.
I still paint my nails with hundreds of colors.

Life is much better than when I used to write here and maybe that's why I can't come back here.

We'll see. I still want to write, so let's see.

If you read this and want to contact me, write me @ ***anna-rosa at (removethis)**


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